The CRM Outlook Plugin for Configio

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The CRM Outlook Plugin for Configio enables you to send messages from Outlook and to record those messages as CRM Communications. If the recipient's email address matches a single CRM Contact, then a CRM Communication is automatically recorded. If that match is not found, then you will be re-directed to Configio to create the record.

Getting Started

If you are using a previous version of the Outlook Plugin, ensure you uninstall the earlier version before installing the new one. See the Uninstalling the Outlook Plugin section at the bottom of this page. Navigate to the Administrative side of your Configio database. open the CRM top level menu, and select "Download Outlook Addin". A modal will appear. Click the "Download Outlook Plugin" button.
Note: you may need to contact support to enable this menu item for your site. Email Us if you would like to take advantage of the Outlook Plugin.

A file called setup.exe will be downloaded. Prior to opening it, ensure that your Outlook program is closed. Open the file. You will see a Microsoft Office Customization Installer modal. Click "Install".

If successful, you will see a "Success" modal. Click to close the modal.

Launch your Outlook. You will see a Configio modal. Input your credentials for the administrative side of your database, as well as the domain of your database, eg Then, click the "Login" button.

If successful, you will see a "Success" modal. Close it.

Recording a CRM Communication via a New Message

You can create a CRM Communication while sending a new Outlook message by following these steps.

Composing the Message

Click to compose an Outlook message. In the new message window, you will see a "Send To Configio" button.  

Clicking the "Send To Configio" Button - Choosing the CRM Communication Type

If you click the "Send To Configio" button, you will get a list of Types of Communication to choose from. You can also choose to make the Communication a Task, and then also indicate the Type. Make your selection to send the message to your CRM and to your recipient. 

Viewing and Working with the CRM Communication

You can then go to your CRM and see the Communication, and to work with it in Configio. If you sent to a CRM Lead, then you will see it listed on their main tab. 2016-11-01_1543__1_.png

If you sent to a Contact in an Organization, then you will see it listed on the Organization's main tab.  

 Your "Sent Mail" Folder - Forwarding to your CRM
You can also forward previously sent emails to your CRM. Open your "Sent Mail" folder, select your message, click the "Forward To Configio" button, and choose the Communication Type.

Email Address Lookup Failure

If the plugin cannot find the email address, you will be re-directed to your CRM to finish recording the communication.

Uninstalling the Outlook Plugin

If you have a previous version of the Outlook Plugin installed, you will have to uninstall the earlier version to install the new version. This is done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Navigate to Add/Remove Programs
  4. Locate the 'MyCustomEvent CRM Addin' or 'Configio CRM Addin' depending upon your version, and click remove.

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