Viewing and Exporting Reports

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You will use the Reports function to view and export data from the system including purchase history, account holder information, product information, and more.

Report Types

  • Account Form: form answers and account information
  • Accounts: account information
  • Accounts with Balance Due: account information only for account holders with a balance due
  • Coupon Consumption: Coupon Codes used with account holder and purchase info
  • Credit Card Transactions: basic transaction information on each credit card payment made
  • Credit History Report: history of credits used and created
  • Daily Events Count: a quick count of transactions and other events by date
  • Discount Consumption Report: discounts used with account holder and purchase info
  • Discount Counts: discount details with balance available and balance used
  • Discount Details: detailed discount list including where assigned
  • Form Answers by Form: answers to a specific form as selected
  • Membership Info: accounts list with detailed information
  • Order Fulfillment: order details for all purchases with account holder information
  • Order Products with Balances: order details for orders only when account holders have a balance due on the product purchased
  • Orders: order details for all purchases without account holder information
  • Part Balance By Event: list of Participants sorted by event registered
  • Participant Balances Per Product: list of Participants with a balance sorted by event registered
  • Participants: list of participant details for all Participants
  • Payments: list of all payments made in the system from all sources as well as the assignment of the funds to a Product
  • Product Admin: list of all Products
  • Product Counts: list of all Products including product details
  • Product Payments: list of payments assigned to purchases
  • Product Revenue Report: calculation of total sales by Product
  • Roster Report: list of Participants and Participant details by Product purchased
  • Staff Checklist Items: list of Staff Checklist Items by Staff member
  • Wait Lists: list of all account holders on a waiting list

Viewing Reports

To view a report, select the desired report and click the Preview icon to see the report results on-screen as below, or Export to open in Excel in one of three formats: Excel 2003 (.xls), Excel 2010 (.xlsx), or CSV (comma separated values).

Choose how you would like to view the report. 

  • Open In Excel - Downloads an Excel file that displays the report info.
  • Preview and Print - Opens in a new window ready to print. 


Tip: The Region and Category filters at the top right of all pages also filter Report Results.

Certain reports may have an Export Lock as set up in Report Builder. You can view previously locked versions of the report by selecting the version in the drop-down, or create a new version that ignores data from the previously locked versions. See Report Builder in the upper right of the Reports Viewers for more details.

This knowledge article provides information on specific Configio features. To ensure continuity with documentation and product functionality, Configio reserves the right to amend or update this knowledge article as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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