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Products can be setup to require an access code for registration so you can designate those products differently than standard products, users make use of those codes when adding the product to the shopping cart.

Getting Started

Navigate to the product via the product menu that you want to setup access codes for and click on the Access tab. 

From the access tab click on Access Codes
Now that Access Codes is expanded you will have some customizable options available. Changing these options will impact what the end user see's during their shopping cart experience when they are viewing a product that requires an access code. 

Creating Codes

There are three options available for creating the codes that the product will accept. Access codes are case sensitive and can consist of letters and or numbers. Special characters are not allowed. 

Standard Codes

To create your own access codes click on + Code
Next create the code that will be acceptable for use with this product. You will also need to input the number of uses that is allowed for each code. Be sure and click Save after you have input the code and the number of uses. There is no limit to the amount of codes that can be created for each product. Codes however must be unique per product. 

Complex Codes

The second method of creating codes is using the complex code generator that is offered. 
When creating complex codes you can determine what the codes generated will consist of and how many will be created. 
Importing Codes 
The third option is to import your codes. Codes can be imported to a single product using the provided import tool. There is a template available within the import tool that you can download then simply add your desired codes to the file and import it.
Codes can also be exported from a product if needed using the provided export tool.

Client Experience

When a product has been set up to have a required code to purchase the customer will be presented with a text box that asks for the said code.
This is shown on the product detail page. The user will be required to enter in the code and hit the Submit button before pricing, availability and the ability to add to cart will be presented.
If the code has been entered incorrectly, or if the number of uses has been reached the Error message that was created during setup will be displayed.
When a code has been successfully entered the user will see the success message:
From this point the user may add the product to their cart and proceed with checkout. The code is saved in the customer's session before checkout so if they were to navigate away from the page before adding to cart and then came back to the product page, as long as the session is still active the user will not have to enter the code again. The session is reset once the user adds the product to their cart.
The user also has the option of removing the code they just entered.
Updated: 08/2021


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