Allowing Your Customers to give a Flexible Deposit Amount

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The Flexible Deposit feature gives your users the option to pay more than the default amount during the checkout process.

Getting Started

There are two System Configurations related to this feature. Login to your Administrative Console and navigate to Settings -> Setup -> Configurations. Search for "flexible deposits." Turn ON the Configuration to "Enable the user to enter a flexible deposit amount." You can also customize the text that is displayed in the Shopping Cart. Click the SAVE button.

Product Setup

Navigate to Products. Select an existing Product, or click to create a new Product. On the Advanced tab, check to Allow Deposit, input a Deposit Amount, and click the Save button. The Deposit Amount will be the minimum that your Customer can use.

Your Customer's Experience

Your Customer will add the Product to the Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout as normal. On the Deposits tab, they will have the option to pay a Flexible Deposit. The Deposit Amount is shown. They can update it to be more and then click the Save and Continue button.
Note: If they input a lesser amount, then the system ask them to enter an amount between the Deposit Amount and the Item's Price.
As they continue through the Checkout process, the Item and Cart totals will show the "Due Today" amount (the deposit) and the "Due Later" amount (the balance).
As with other Deposits, They will then see a Notification and a Balance Due Icon.

Selecting it will return the Account Payments page where they can input an Amount, click to Add Payment, then click to Checkout.

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