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If Products are designed to be taken in a series, you may indicate the next Product for that series by using settings in the Advanced Tab. A Next Product In Series report is available, which shows who registered for the Product, as well as information for the next Product in series. This report may also be used by a marketing team to direct customers to their next Product.

Getting Started

There are no System Configurations required to use this feature.

Setting Up Products

Create Products as normal and click on the Advanced Tab. Locate the "Next Product in Series" section, use Search Tool to select the next Product and click the Save button.

Standalone, Master, and Variation Products

You may select a Standalone (non-variation), Master, or Variation Product to be next in a series. 

Viewing and Adding the Report

If your database does not yet have the Next Product In Series Roster report, you may simply need to add that report.
Navigate to Reports and click the Add New Report button.


Choose "Next Product in Series Roster" from the drop-down list, title the report and click the Create New Report button.


This report may be run from the Edit report screen.

In the Report, there are fields called "Next Product Name" and "Next Product Master Name". If a Standalone Product is selected to be next, the "Next Product Name" is the name of that Product. If a Master is the next Product, the "Next Product Name" is the Master name. If a Variation is selected, the "Next Product Name" is the Variation name. See below for an example.

There are also fields for "Next Product URL", Account and Participant Email addresses.


This export may be used with Mapped Email Campaigns to direct customers from one product to the next. See Mapped Email Campaigns for more information.

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