Downloading Calendars for your Events

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With the click of an "Add to Calendar" link, your customers can download a calendar for your events. This downloaded file recognizes the Event Start Date, End Date, Start Time, and End Time, and is formatted to be recognized by Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, and other calendaring applications. 

Example: Kristen runs large charitable organization. She is using Event Manager to plan her fundraising, "The Lilac Gala". Many of her large benefactors have extremely busy schedules, so she wants to ensure that her event gets on their calendars.

Getting Started
On the Advanced tab of the Event type of Products, there is a Calendar Download Link section. Within this section, there are four checkboxes. Toggle these boxes to control where the "Add to Calendar" link appears. You may choose one, some, or all.


On Search Results Page

Check "On Search Results" for the "Add to Calendar" link to appear in the date section of the product's list page.

Note: The Add to Calendar link will only appear if the product is a stand alone product, not a Master.

On Detail Page

Check "On Detail Page" for the "Add to Calendar" link to appear in the date section of the product details page. 

Note:, Ensure that the configuration "Enable Event Date and Time in header of product detail page" is set to "ON" in Settings -> Configuration.


Detail Page Tag

Check "Detail Page Tag" for the "Add to Calendar" link to appear in the Event's long description on its product details page. Then, add the tag {{product.download_calendar}} wherever you want the link to appear. See the two images below for how the description in the Admin would display in the Cart.

Note: Ensure the configuration "Allow processing data tags within the product description" is set to "ON" in Settings -> Configuration. See Inserting Dynamic Data for more information.



On Confirmation

Check "On Confirmation" for the "Add to Calendar" link to appear in on the Event's Order Confirmation screen.  

Note: Selecting this option also allows for the email operator "Calendar Download" to be available on email messaging. The operator is available for the Global Order Confirmation, Order Product Confirmation, Triggered Product Participant Purchased, and other email messages. See Creating Emails for more information.


Recurring Events

If you have created an Event Schedule for your recurring Product, eg for a daily after school program, then the downloaded calendar will use those calendar dates instead of the product's start and and end dates. Each day on the Event Schedule will be a different appointment on the downloaded calendar. If your customers are downloading the calendar to Outlook, then there might be an additional step for the calendar to look right to them. If they download and just open the calendar; it will be a separate calendar in Outloook. If they download and import the calendar, then it will be added to their main Outlook calendar. You may wish to include this information to your customers in this circumstance.

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