Taking Attendance

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Configio allows you to take attendance for your events, as well as monitor check in and check out.

For Example: You have organized a speaking engagement and need to check in attendees.

Getting Started

Create your event as you would any other. Ensure on the Calendar tab that you have a calendar schedule created for your event. See the Calendar Help File for more information on creating Calendar schedules.
You may also first want to review the setup of your Attendance Sheet. See Setup Attendance & Sign-Out for more information.

Note: The configuration value "Enable to automatically create a schedule on the calendar when an event is created" will automatically create a calendar schedule for your event if set to On

Optional: You can create automatic bar codes on the customer's email confirmation message by using the operator "Order Summary Participant List with Bar Code". Used in conjunction with the Configuration "Turn on to allow admins to use a barcode scanner to checkin and checkout.", you are able to use a bar code scanner for checkin and checkout.

There is a configuration available that will show all attendance dates when the attendance dialog is opened. To change this setting you will need to navigate to Settings > Setup > Configuration and search for: Show all attendance dates when attendance dialog is opened. Normally attendance is only shown for the selected date.


When this configuration is ON and you click on a date, no matter what date you click on you will see all the dates for that event.


When the configuration is OFF and you click on a date, only that date will be shown.


The Day Of

When it's time to take attendance for your event there are three locations where this can happen:
  • Product Calendar
  • Admin Calendar
  • Staff Calendar
See the Calendar Help File for more information on assigning staff.

Staff: Navigate to Staff > Staff Schedule and click on the Calendar date. Click Attendance on the resulting modal.
Product: Navigate to Products, select your product and the Calendar tab. Click on the Calendar Date and then on Attendance.
Admin Calendar: Navigate to Settings > Calendar, select the Calendar Date, then click on Attendance.


After clicking on Attendance, you will see a list of all Participants who are registered for the event.
When you initially pull up the attendance sheet you can start grouping your participants based off of the group types you defined earlier in the attendance sheet setup screen.


You must hit the Save button for the groups to show properly after assigning your participants to each one. Once saved your attendance sheet will group by the Group By order that you defined in the Attendance Sheet setup.


Note: As the screen shot above shows, if you have enabled bar code scanning, there is an additional field at the top-center for "Scanning Mode" to scan for either Check In or Check Out.
Note: Each participant's note and grouping options for Class, Level, and Team are also available in reporting under the Order Product Participant dataset as shown below.

You have the option to use the Check In and Check Out button for each participant. You could also use the simple checkbox at the far right to mark each participant as attended but you must hit the save button for the changes to take effect.


This can be repeated for the rest of the participants registered. When you're ready to check out a participant, click Check Out button.


You can view Check In and Check Out history by clicking the history icon next to any participant.


As shown above, Configio records the date and time as well as the logged in user for each check in and check out.
The Add-ons column shows all required and dependent products purchased with the participant's registration. You can check the box on each one to indicate that it has been given to the participant and save. The next time you open the attendance modal for this product (on the same day or a different day) it will show the box as checked to indicate that the Add-on has already been given to the participant.
Like grouping and taking attendance, you must save after checking any Add-ons to record that they have been delivered.
Multiple Day Attendance
You have the option of taking attendance for multiple days.
To show multiple days either enable the configuration: Show all attendance dates when attendance dialog is opened. Normally attendance is only shown for the selected date.
When you select a date change the Start Date and End Dates to show the number of days you want to take attendance for.
From here you can click each day for each participant that you want to check in individually. You can also use the Check All Participants to check each participant in for that specific day. You must click the Save button for the changes to take effect.
Printing Attendance
The custom attendance screen can be printed out for on-site attendance that is later recorded into Configio. Click the Print button at the bottom left of the screen and a new tab or window in your browser will open showing the print view.
Using the Print Width field at the top of the page you can adjust the width of the data table so that the grid best fits on a page. By default, we enter 950 as the width as that prints on most computers to a single page.
Exporting Attendance
The custom attendance screen can be also be exported to a basic Excel format by clicking the Excel button at the bottom left of the screen.
The product internal title is shown in the first cell, groups, add-ons, and the dates are shown as columns to the right.
Each participant shows their details from the attendance setup. The groups for each participant are shown in the groups column, and add-ons are shown for each participant in the specific column.
Finally, each date on the attendance screen is shown as a column to the right of add-ons with a status of checked or not checked to indicate if the participant was present or not.
Printing Sign In/Out Sheet


Like opening the attendance modal, click on a calendar day from any of the three locations shown (product calendar tab, admin calendar, and staff schedule). Then select the Sign in/out sheet button.
This will open a new browser tab or window with the sign out sheet for the product. Like the print attendance modal, you can set the print width to make the page print to a single page.

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