Adding Variations to an existing product

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In Event Manager, you are now able to add variations to a product that has already been purchased Example: You have a race event that is set up with 5 sessions.  You then add a 6th session and need to combine that session with an existing product.

How To:  Select the product you would like to add the variation to.  Go to the Variations tab and select add variation.


Now simply type the new name of the session to be added and select add


The new session name will be displayed and you will be given the option to delete or to build and close.  Select build and close


The new variation has now been successfully added to your original product.

Tip:  Variations can only be deleted if they have never been purchased.  If you need to remove a variation from a product simply inactivate the product you no longer want to show and it will no longer display in the shopping cart.

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