Allow Form Questions to be Read Only

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You can mark any form question as Read Only, meaning that your customers can see the answer but not modify it.

Getting Started

There are no system configurations related to Read Only form questions.

Marking a Question as Read Only

Login to your Administrative Console and navigate to Settings -> Assignments -> Forms. Click to Edit the Questions on an existing Form, or click to Add a New Form.
: For more info on how to create Forms/Questions see Creating Forms.

 On the edit question screen, there is a new Read Only checkbox. Check it and click the SAVE button.

Answering Read Only Questions

Admins are the only users allowed to answer Read Only questions. These can be answered via ImpersonationEdit ItemEdit Account, and other admin methods.

Note: the Roster upload allows Staff and Coordinators to answer custom form questions. These imported answers will allow the non-admin Staff and Coordinator users to answer read only questions.

Customer View

When the customer sees the question unanswered, they will have no ability answer the question.

However, if an admin sets an answer for them, they will see the answer displayed.

Important Notes

When using a list-based question, accounts will see the list item Value(s) selected. Ensure that the value is set appropriately.
The example above used a custom question on the Account form; however, any question on any form type can use this setting.
Read Only cannot be set on system-needed fields such as Username, Email, First Name, and Last Name on the Account form.

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