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The Account Form contains a list of questions that are asked to your Account holders. A pre-designed account form is already created in your database. You can add questions to it, personalize it, and decide which questions are required. You can determine which questions and answers are shown on Account Profiles, and you can allow some questions to be hidden during Account creation for quicker sign-up.

Some questions are used to create Account credentials. An example of this is, "What is your email address?" These questions are mandatory, and they are on the form by default.
Some questions integrate into valuable platform features like Association Management. An example of this is, "What is your Organization?"
You can create multiple Account Forms, however only one can be active in your database at a time. 

Getting Started

There are several System Configurations that are related to the Account Form. Login to the Administrative section of you database, and go to Settings > Setup > Configuration.
Search for the following configurations to make changes to them:
Enable Accounts to have a Profile Photo: This is ON by default. Turn it OFF to disable Account Profile Photos.
Require Username when creating an account: This is ON by default. Turn it OFF to hide the Username field when creating an Account. The Account's Email Address will populate the Username field instead.
Minimum Age Required to create an Account: This is "18" by default. If the value entered into the birth date field is less than 18 years ago, then Account creation will fail. Update the value to change this threshold.
Force email address re-entry on Account Creation Screen: This is OFF by default. Turn it ON to display the e-mail address field twice for verification.
There are also several configurations for labels. Update the text to personalize these fields.
Account Email Address label text
Mobile Carrier disclaimer text
Account Mobile Phone Carrier label text
Account Title label text
Account password label text
Account re-enter password label text


Locating the Account Form
Go to Settings > Assignments > Forms. Here you will see a list of all forms in your database. You can search for the form name if you know the name of it or you can change the drop-down filter to Account Form and then only the account forms in your database will be displayed.

Form Questions
When you create a new account form it pre-populates with five default questions:
First Name
Last Name
To view the form questions click on the edit questions button.
The Edit Form Questions page is displayed showing all the questions that are on your form.
Re-Ordering the Questions
You can update the order that the questions are asked to your customers. Click on the up and down arrows to re-order your questions.

Personalizing the Form Questions

All of the default questions are mandatory. They cannot be deleted or inactivated, but they can be personalized. Click the Edit Icon on the question.
Here you can update the Sort Order (like you did above), define an Export Column value (for Reports), toggle to hide the question from the form when it's sent via email, choose whether or not to show this question when a user creates an account after doing a member search, toggle to show it on the Account Profile, update the error message when the question is marked as being required, add a custom Width or Height, and personalize the question text. Click the "Save" or the "Save & Add New" button when finished.

Creating Form Questions

There are account questions that are unique to the Account Form type that you may choose to add for your clients to answer. These questions are listed under the Account Questions section of this page.
Account Questions with Advanced Functionality
Some of the account questions enable advanced functionality.
  • Account Birthdate: Account holders can enter in their birthdate. You can configure your database to have a minimum age requirement for creating Accounts and add this question to your Account Form. If their age is below this threshold, they will not be able to create an Account.
  • Account Email Opt Out: Account holders can choose to opt out of Marketing Campaign Emails.
  • Account Organization: Account holders can select their Organization. The list of Organizations is from your CRM. This can tie into functionality like Account Approvals and Purchase Approvals.

Other Unique Account Questions

There are some other questions that are only on the Account Form. They are:
  • Account Gender: Account can select their gender
  • Address: This question contains multiple address fields needed in order to capture the account holders address.
  • Account Phone: Account can enter their phone number
  • Account Mobile Phone: Account can enter their mobile phone number
  • Account Mobile Carrier: Account can select their carrier
  • Account Student ID: Account can enter their student ID
  • Account Company Name: Account can enter their company name
  • Account Membership Number: Account can enter their membership number
  • Account Title: Account can enter their title
  • Account Job Title: Account can enter their job title
  • Account Credentials: Account can enter their credentials
  • Account Description: Account can enter a description of their Account
You may also choose to create custom questions by selecting different question types under the custom questions section.
Creating an Account Form Question
To create a question click on the question type you want to add. This will open the Edit Question page. Fill in all the required information for each field displayed.
The fields are explained below. Click "Save" or "Save & Add New" when done. Toggle the question to Inactive if you want to create it, but you don't want it to be used yet.

Question Settings
Type: This is generated by the system.
Title: Input a Title. It cannot be edited once saved.
Sort Order: Input "1" if you want the question to be asked first. Leave blank to add it to the bottom of the form. You can change the order later.
Export Column: If you want the question to have a different title in Reports, then input it here.
Hide from Email: Check this box if you want to hide this question when the form is sent via email.
Read Only: Check this box if you want to display only and not allow editing of the question.
Admin Only: Check if you want this question to only be visible to Admins. They will see it when viewing the Account in the Administrative side of your database. They will also see it when impersonating Accounts.
Visible: You can choose to show some questions either on both the Create Account and Edit Account screens, or only on the Edit Account screen to expedite Account creation.
Member Search Creation: Choose whether or not to show this question when an account is created after doing a member search.  
Show on Profile: Check if you want this question and answer to be shown on the Account Profile screen.
Pre-populate Answer:
Display Mode: Choose how you want this question to be displayed when presented. Currently this option is used only for the address question. You may choose to display this question in one of three ways
  • Inline - This displays the address question in the form
  • Dialog - This will display as a dialog box after hitting the create account button
  • Panels - This option will display the addresses in a panel layout where multiple addresses can be added. The user would select the type of address they are adding in the address dialog box when they create the address.
Required: Choose whether or not to make the question required. If it is required, add an error message. If the user tries to create an Account without answering the question, then they will see the error message.
Impersonator Skip: Choose whether or not to allow Admins who are Impersonating an Account to skip required questions.
Width: Input a custom width for the question and answer area, or leave blank for a default width.
Height: Input a custom height for the question and answer area, or leave blank for a default height.
Question Displayed to Customer
Write the text that is displayed to your customer via a Word style editor.
Updated: 04/2020

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