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Form Repeat provides a way to control how often a form is seen in the checkout process. There are two Form Types that utilize Form Repeat:  “Product Form” and “Product Participant Form” Each type has its own set of Form Display options.

Getting Started

To create a new form; hover mouse cursor over Settings and click on Forms under the assignments column:

Click the Add New Form button:repeat2.jpg

Note: (For a more in depth look at creating/editing forms please see the “Creating a Form” help documentation)

 Form Types

Click on the Form type dropdown:


Select either Product or Product Participant Form (depending upon your needs):


For the first example, enter a title; then select “Product Form” from the Form Type dropdown list.

Display type field appears and should look like this:


Product Form

(This form displays for each product that a form is assigned to)

Click on the “Display Type” dropdown: 

Display Type:

  • Per Product (Products that have a Per Product form in the cart; A form will need to be completed for each one of them)

Example:  John Doe adds two Product 1's and Product 2 to his cart (Both Product 1 & 2 have the same form assigned to it) John also adds Product 3 (Which has a different form assigned to it than Product 1&2)

Results: When John proceeds past checkout, he will have to complete 4 forms in total. For each instance of Product1 and Product2 he needs to complete Form1 and for Product3 he will need to complete Form2:

  Display Type:  

  • Per Unique Product (Every unique product ID will get its own form)


Example: Sally Smith adds Product1 two times to her cart, they both have the same form. Sally then adds product 2 that has the same form as both Product1 products; In addition she also adds Product3 which has a different form than products 1 & 2.


Results: When Sally proceeds past checkout she will have 3 forms to complete. She will have one instance of Form1 to complete for both the Product1 items, she will have to complete Form1 for Product2 and she will have to complete Form2 for Product3:



  Display Type:  

  • Per Order (As long as there is one Per Order form assigned to a product that’s in the cart; Only one form will need to be complete. (Even if there are several products in the cart that do not have forms OR if there is the same Per Order form for multiple products in the cart))  


Example: Jack Johnson adds Product1 to his cart which has no forms. He adds Product2; four times, they have a Per Order form called “Form1”, Additional he adds Product3 that has the same Per Order form “Form1” as Product2.

Results: When Jack proceeds to checkout he only has 1 form to fill out because only one form shows per order:repeat8.jpg

Product Participant Form:

(A form that can be seen when an account buys a product for a participant. This Form type works much like Product Form; The exception is that for the Per Unique Product form type, the form will need to be completed for each participant buying/attending)

Display Types
  • Per Order
  • Per Unique Product

Enter a title, select the Form Type “Product Participant Form”:


Click on the Display type dropdown list;  


Click on Display Type: 


  • Per Order (One form to complete for each participant)


 Example: Jane Gray wants to buy her two kids, Participant1 and Participant2 classes for swimming. She buys Product1 for Participant1 &  Participant2 for this month and she also buys Product1 for both participants for next month.  

Results: During checkout; Jane has to complete Form1 two times. One time for Participant1 and one time for Participant2 for the first month. Form1 for the 2nd month does not need to be filled out again 



Click on Display Type: 


  •  Per Unique Product (Each unique product will have its own form and for each unique product, each participant, will have to complete the form assigned)


Example: Tim Fields buys a yoga class at 9am for his wife “Participant1” and her friend “Participant2, but his wife “Participant1” also wants to go to a class later in the day at 12pm.

Results: Tim has to fill out Form1 for his wife “Participant1” that covers both the 9am class and the 12pm class; he also fills out Form1 for his wife’s friend “Participant1” for the 9am class.



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