Mass Form Editor

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On the Form Editor the first step is to filter the products that have this form assigned to it. 

Config description: The default Number of products to display when using the Form Editor to do mass form updates.

Once you have filtered your products there a list is displayed with the master product and any sub/child products with a checkbox next to each. 


All orders placed on products checked here will be included in the list of updatable questions/answers in the next step. 
 At the top of the list there is a refresh form assignments button that will allow you to get the most current form assignments (because assignments are refreshed in a nightly job we are not guaranteed to get all products that a form has been assigned to until this button is clicked – I can explain this further tomorrow).
Once you have chosen the products that you would like to edit answers for click on the “View/Edit Answers” button.

On the next screen you get to choose what questions you want to edit and then hit the refresh form fields button at the top right.

This will give you all account summaries with the questions chosen for any orders placed on the products chosen.  You can use the little gearbox to adjust the columns displayed for data.
Once you have edited all questions/answers you will need to hit the “Save Form” button at the top right of the page to update everything that was modified.

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