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If a product is configured to Allow Wait List, when the product becomes completely sold out the add to cart button will dynamically change to a wait list button.  Any account that clicks this button will be added to the product wait list. The Wait List Signup Notification Email is designed to be sent to any Configio Admin that has been assigned to the product.  The notification is designed to let Configio Admins know that someone has been added to the wait list. 

Note: This email is not designed to be sent to the customer.


In order to use this feature your product must be configured to allow wait list.  This option is accessible on the product's Advanced tab in the Cart Options section and is turned on by default. Additional configurations are not required.


Create the message

  • Navigate to Settings > Under the assignments column > Email Messages
  • Add a new email message type titled Wait List Signup Notification.
  • Important: Check the BCC Assigned Users & BCC Assigned Coordinators check boxes
  • Use the merge operators to compose your message keeping in mind that the message will only be read by Configio Admins and/or Coordinators.
Important notes about this email message type
  • Only a single Wait List Signup Notification can exist. If you have one create already, you will receive a warning notification.
  • This email type does not need to be assigned to anything. 

Setting up the notification recipients

The target audience for this notification can be set up in one of three ways:
Recipients can be assigned at a product level, a category level, or a region level by utilizing the assignment nodes titled Email User BCC's or Email Coordinator BCC
Important notes about recipients
  • Recipients must exist as a Configio Admin User or an Account that has been affiliated as a coordinator to an organization that has been aligned to the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q.) Is there an email that can notify the customer when they are added to a wait list? 
A.) No, each time a customer clicks on the wait list button they are immediately notified they have been added to the wait list.
Q.) How can the account or an admin remove someone from a waitlist? 
A.) Admins can impersonate the account. While on the customer facing side click on the username located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. There you will be able to click on 'Notifications'. This will take you to the Account Notification screen where you'll see the waitlist. Click the Remove button to remove the waitlist from the account.

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