Admin Order Confirmation

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Configio not only sends automatic email confirmation messages to your customers, but also allows you to send a separate confirmation message to specific administrative users.


You want to send an email to your fulfillment representative that has pertinent information not relevant to the end customer each time an order is processed.

Getting Started

Create the Admin Order Product Confirmation email in Settings > Assignments > Email Messages. See the Creating Emails help file for more information.

Ensure the person you want to send the admin confirmation is a User in your database, and has the correct email address. See the Users help file for more information.

Assign the Admin Order Product Confirmation to your Product, Region, or Category under Email Messages.


Then assign the User(s) to be emailed under "Email - Admin Recipients".


Now when an order is processed that includes this Product (or a product in the assigned Region and Category) your admin recipient will receive an email message independent of the Customer's confirmation.

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