Enhanced Breadcrumb Navigation

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The Breadcrumb navigation used throughout Event Manager has been enhanced for even faster navigation and searching without returning to the prior page.

Anytime you see a Breadcrumb navigation link you can now view or search and then select items from the prior page.  Simply click the Breadcrumb navigation for the page you are on and a drop down box appears displaying the prior pages content.  Now you can select an item from the prior page and you will move directly to that page.  This saves a number of clicks and give you an immediate search and navigate option to save time. 

The image below demonstrates Breadcrumb navigation to All Lists, US States, Alabama.  While on this item if you click Alabama a menu of the prior page items will appear and you can select any item from prior page and navigate directly to that item


Please continue to give us feedback so that we can develop useful features and further enhance Event Manager for you.

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