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The Event Manager system contains an on-line video distribution system used to create revenue from your organization's video content.
During the upload process, videos are assigned a “viewable time frame” in hours. This is the amount of time that customers will be able to view the video after purchase. The following topics will cover how to upload, assign, and view a video.

Upload a Video

Example: You company has just produced a video to accompany their new training program. It contains valuable information which will be given only to customers that sign up for the training class. You want to upload the video to Event Manager.
How To: Start at Settings > Assignments > Videos. Start by clicking Add New.


When the upload file screen opens, fill in the highlighted fields.

Once you have filled in the Friendly Title, Viewable timeframe, and a short description, click Browse to find the video you want to upload.
When you find it, click Upload File.
Video file formats that are supported are:


During the upload process you'll see an Upload Status window. When the upload is completed, your video will be converted to a web viewable format, which may take additional time. During that time you may not be able to view the video but you can proceed with assigning it to a product.





Viewing the List of Videos

After you have uploaded your videos, you can view them by returning to Settings --> Assignments --> VIdeos. The page lists how many Videos you have, and what their total size is. You can preview your videos, see their status, title, and file name. You can also see the date that it was uploaded, how many hours a User may view a Video, it's length, it's size, and whether or not it is Active.

Assign a video to a product.

Example: You have successfully uploaded your video(s) and now you need to associate it to a product.
How To: In this example you have already created the product and you're working in the Product's Assignments tab. The drop-down menu is set to media. Left click on the video and drag it to the right column on the screen.

Now you have assigned the video to the product. You can assign one or as many as you wish.


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