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This is where you can create your own unique messages for every step of the checkout process as well as custom headers and footers for each page.  All of the Shopping Cart pages that your customers see are listed on the "Manage Site Process" screen.  You can search for a specific page or scroll through to select the page that you would like to edit.

Example:  You have an image you want to display at the top of the product list page.


How To: Start at Settings > Shopping Cart Help & Processes. Click edit to the right of the Product List Page.


Once you have found the page that you want to edit, click Edit on the line for that page.
The Page Name is pre-selected but can be changed.
Page Title/Instructions are what the customer sees in the top Banner on each page (See circled text above and example of the shopping cart page below)
From here you can select the Page Layout that you would like assigned to this page. (See Page Layouts on how to create or edit new Page Layouts.)
You can also select the Help Text you would like to assign to this page. (See Manage Help Files on how to edit Help Text.)


To create a header or footer for an individual page, use the text editor to customize the message you give your customers during checkout.  You can see in the screenshot above that the text, "Customize your header with Text, Images, Video, or you can even do your own custom HTML," was entered into the Header Field and "Image Example" and an image of the word, "SAMPLE," were entered into the Footer Field using the Editor. The screenshot below from the Deposits Page in the checkout process shows you that this header, footer, and title information have all been applied.


Tips: Be sure to click Save before you leave the "Manage Site Process" page.
There are a lot of pages and all the pages are pre-seeded with generic titles and attached help files; and none of them have headers or footers.  A complete overhaul and customization of your Shopping Cart site might take a while, but your cart will be one of a kind and your customers will know that it belongs to you.

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