Managing Lists

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A list in Event Manager is a group of items that can be used on form questions or a product, and products with variations.  Lists can be any number of items and can be used and re-used, edited and deleted (provided the list has never been used).  

Example: You plan to create a question on a custom form that asks, "What's your favorite color?"
How To: Start at Settings > Lists to create a list called Colors List.  

Click "Add New List" on the Manage Lists page.


You will see the New List screen. 

Enter a List Name and a Label. Choose the Type. The Types available are Custom (most cases) and Customer Support Category (for Customer Support Tickets). 

Choose your Value Data Type and Export Value Data Type. The options include Text (default), Integer, Decimal, Date, DateTime, and Time. By selecting a Type other than "Text," any List Items must fit that type, eg you cannot add a List Item of "Cat" into an Integer List.

The Required Checkbox is optional. If checked, administrators will be required to assign this list on the List tab of the Product and make a selection from the list items.

Check Search Tags for the List Items to be available as Search Tags.

Click Save.
Below the Save button and over to the right, click Add Item.
Create the list items giving each item a Title, Value, and optionally an Export Value. The Title is what your customer will see. The default Sort Order is the order in which you add items. Enter a number if you want to order the items differently. Check default if you want the item to be the default choice.


Once you have created your list you can use it in questions on Forms, Product Variations, or Custom Search Features.

Tip:  Create lists before you begin building forms or product variations.  This will help you build forms more quickly.

Edit or Deactivate a List: If you need to modify the list after it has been used, simply deactivate the list item you no longer need by clicking Edit on the item, and then click the Inactive check box. Click Update to save the change.

Add new item to the list: Return to the "Manage Lists" page at Setup > Assignments > Lists. Click the list you want to work on.

Click Add Item and fill in the Title and Value; and (optionally) the Export Value, Sort Order and IsDefault.
Click Save.

Now the modified list is ready to be used in questions on forms.

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