Customer Support Tickets

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Your customers can submit support tickets to your staff using the new Help menu item. From any page, the customer can click Help which will bring them to the screen below:


Note the highlighted Help link in the menu bar. Also note the Category selection - you can allow customers to categorize support tickets by entering available categories in the list titled Support Ticket Categories under Settings > Lists.

Once the customer completes a ticket, they are given this response screen:


The response message is editable under Configuration. Go to Settings > Configuration and search for "submitted" to customize the message.

The assigned Customer Support Manager will receive the Support Ticket Submitted email setup under Settings > Email Messages. Assign your Customer Support Manager (admin user) by going to Settings > Categories and choosing All Categories. Then select the Customer Support Manager node and drag over the user(s) to be assigned.

Note: If you wish to disable the ticket system for your database, please contact support via email or by calling 509-252-1987.

Once tickets have been entered into your database, you can access them in Event Manager by going to CRM > Customer Support Tickets:


There you will see a list of submitted tickets:


The boxed button on the left refreshes the support ticket list. To the far right, the CRM Profile button will open the CRM Profile for the ticket submitter and show you the Task of following up:


Click Edit on the task to mark it as completed and/or respond to the ticket.


Once editing the task, note the Communication Category and Public Communications selections. The Public Communications is the category selected by the ticket submitter (created in the Support Ticket Categories list). Communication Category is an admin categorization of tickets available by editing the CRM Communications Categories list in Settings > Lists.

On the right column, Checking Reply To will open a dialogue box to enter a response email to the ticket submitter. The administrator also needs to mark Task Complete in order to close the ticket, then click Save at the bottom right.

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