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As an admin you can create an external promotion that can be assigned to products so that promotional content or codes can be sent to customers when they make a purchase.  
Feature Information
With external promotions you can create HTML content that a recipient of an external promotion receives so that promotion has your unique branding. You can make use of an external promotion without supplying codes, that is accomplished by providing the necessary information in the content email that is sent to the customer after completing a purchase. There is also the capability to use unique codes with an external promotion. If unique codes are used there are three different Barcode formats that are available to choose from. The provided barcode or promotion code can then be consumed at the third party retailer that has offered the codes being accepted. 
  • QR Code
  • 3 of 9 Code
  • EAN 128 Code

Creating an External Promotion

To create an external promotion; hover mouse cursor over Settings and click on External Promotions under the assignments column:

Click on "Add New External Promotion" 
Create a title, start date, end date, quantity, and choose a barcode format for your new promotion then click Save
The Width, if left blank, will use a standard width. You can however adjust the width of the barcode if desired, changing the width determines how the barcode is displayed in the email that the customer receives. 
You can also use the "Extra Days Before Expiration" if you want the promotion that was sent to be valid for a certain amount days from the purchase date. 

If you want to show that the promotion expires some number of days after the customer places their order, enter the number of days you would like in the Extra Number of Days field. Then you can insert the operator of Order Date Plus Days into the promotion body. This will take the order date and add the number of days to it, showing the date that the promotion will  expire. For example, if you want to offer the promotion for 14 days after purchase, and the customer purchased on Jan 5th, 2020; their Days Plus Purchase would read 1/19/2020 (depending upon your cultural date format).Setting the content for the email

The available operators can be added to email message that is sent upon completion of a purchase. 
Example: You are the owner of a company who has partnered with ABC company who is offering 10% discount promotion codes to consumers who have purchased a product from your company. The codes being offered can be used at any of their nationwide locations, however they are also providing a web-based code that ABC companies website will accept for those customers who shop online.
In the example above it is suggested that you add the following operators to the email that will be sent. The message content can be customized with your companies branding.

Adding or uploading codes

Click on the "Codes" option at the top of the external promotion window. 
(Note: Codes added to external promotions are not valid with your configio database, they are only valid with third party companies you have partnered with)
There are 2 different ways that codes can be added to the external promotion. 
The first option is to add a single code using the "+Code" option
Using this option you can manually add single codes to the external promotion
The second way of adding codes is using the provided codes template which is an excel spreadsheet you can add codes to then upload it to your configio database
Here is a sample of how the template would be used for the example listed above where code would be a barcode and code2 is the online web-based code that is being provided

Assigning the External Promotion to a Product

Now that you have created your external promotion, the next step is to assign it to a product.
Navigate to Products and select the product you want the external promotion assigned to, then click on "Assignments" and select External Promotions. Next drag the promotion from the unassigned column to the assigned column and click Save  
Once an external promotion is assigned to a product all consumers who purchase the product that the promotion is assigned to will receive the external promotion content email that has been setup
This is an example showing the content that is sent and how it will display in the email that is received

Assigning the External Promotion to an email message

You can assign the external promotion content to an email, for example you can have the external promotion included with your order confirmation emails that are sent out to your customers whenever they complete a purchase. 
Navigate to Settings>Assignments>Email Messages and select the email message that you want the external promotion assigned to. 


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