Packet Content and Participant Packet Content

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Using Packet Content and Participant Packet Content you can create dynamic documents that your administrators, coordinators, and staff can print on a per-product basis.

Packet Content prints one time per product, with information available about all participants for the event.
Participant Packet Content prints one time per participant, with information available about the specific participant alone.

For Example: You need to print a list of setup items the staff member must print once per event, as well as a page for each participant that the staff member can then rate their performance.

The list of Setup Items would be a Packet Content. Start by going to Settings > Packet Content:


Start your new Packet Content by clicking Add New Packet:


You will then create packet content using the TinyMCE editor that is also found in Disclaimers, Descriptions, and more. Note that like in Email Messages, there are certain operators available to insert in the right column. Place your cursor where you want to add the dynamic field, then click the field you wish to insert. See Creating Emails for more information on Operators. A completed Setup Checklist might look like this:


Note: "Do not Duplicate Content for each Variation when printing Master Product" will make the content print only once for the master product, not once for each variation.

To set up the page per participant, navigate to Settings > Participant Packet Content:


Just as with Packet Content, click Add New Packet and complete the Packet Content using the Operators on the right hand side:


After saving, you then need to assign the Packet Content and Participant Packet Content to the Products or Regions and Categories that they should be available on. See the Product Assignments Video or Regions and Categories Video for more information on Assignment.

Once they are assigned, both Packet Content and Participant Packet Content are available for your staff members (by configuration) and/or administrators to print.


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