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Your customers (accounts) can add a profile photo if they choose when creating an account. This image can then also be displayed in the Accounts Section of Event Manager.

Getting Started

Go to Settings > Setup > Configuration and search for the term 'Profile'. This will bring up two configurations relevant to this topic:

  • Enable Accounts to have a Profile Photo (default is set to On, turn Off if you want to disallow customers from setting a profile image)
  • Shows Account CRM profile image in the accounts screen details. (default is set to Off, turn On to show the CRM image in Accounts)

If 'Enable Accounts to have a Profile Photo' is On, the account creation screen will show a profile photo uploader as seen below.


Upon creating an Account, their profile photo can be updated and viewed on their Account Dashboard under Account > My Account:


If the configuration ' Shows Account CRM profile image in the accounts screen details.' is set to On, you will then also see the profile image in Accounts.


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