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Administrators can make notes on Accounts, Orders, and Order Items via the Account page. Also, the System will auto-generate notes that are also available via the Accounts page. Add a Note by clicking on the Notes icon  2015-01-22_1452.png. If there already is a note or notes, there will be a badge icon indicating how many notes already exist.

Note: These are separate from CRM notes, and are only accessible on the Accounts page.

Account Notes

The Account Notes button is in the Manage Accounts section. 

Click to View existing notes.

You can edit the existing note.

You can also click to delete the note.

You can also Add a new note.

When you click Add Note, enter a Title and Message:


After entering the Note, click Save to view the notes:


Note: This example is an Account note. To create a Participant note choose a participant from the drop-down to view/edit/add notes for each participant in the account.

Notes are also available at the Product and Order level:


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