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The Add Funds button is used to add a payment made via Check, Cash or Credit Card to an existing Account.

Example: A customer who owes a balance sends in a payment by check.
How To: First bring up the Account by typing part of the customer's name in the Last Name, First Name lookup bar.

Once you have clicked on the correct Account, find the Add Funds button located under the Manage Payments & Funds section.

This will bring up the Add Funds screen:
First, choose whether the payment is being made by Check, Cash, or Credit in the Type drop-down.

If you choose CHECK:

Fill in the name of the person making the payment (Payee) and the Amount of the payment. You will also need to enter the Check # in the appropriate field.

Enter a plaint text note in the Note section. These notes are available for reporting.

Click Add Funds and the payment will be applied to the Account.

NOTE: Once a payment has been applied to an account, the payment will be listed under the account's UNAPPLIED FUNDS. These funds can be used to purchase products through the system, applied toward existing balances, or kept in the account for future use.  They can ONLY be refunded back to their origin.
Updated 6/19

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