Resend Confirmation Emails

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The Resend Confirmation Email tool allows Administrators to view and resend any Confirmation email message previously sent for a particular Order. This function will typically be used to respond to a customer who has not received a Confirmation, or for whatever reason, a Confirmation Email message needs to be sent again. Confirmation Email messages may be sent directly to a previous recipient, or may be redirected to a different email address.

Getting Started

Navigate to Accounts and use the Search tool, located in the upper, left-hand corner of the screen, to find a specific Account.


Enter the First name, or Last name of the customer and select the appropriate Account from the generated list. Once the Account information appears, select the Order for which a Confirmation Email message will be resent.


Click on the Resend Confirmation Email icon  to open this modal:


Follow the directions at the top of the modal.
Note: The number of days to resend may be adjusted under Settings > Setup > Configuration > Email > Days to keep the HTML of sent email messages before they are deleted

Resend Exact Copy

This section displays the Email address to which the message was sent, the Message Title, Date Sent and a Preview button to see a sample of the message. Click the checkbox next to the messages to be resent and click the Send button. An exact copy of the previously sent email message will be sent again.

Resend Recalculated Data

When a specific message needs to be resent using data as if Order were placed today, this is the section to make that happen. This will show the email messages applicable to this order, such as assigned Order Product Confirmations, Order Participant Confirmations, Global Order Confirmations, and more. Click the checkbox next to the Message Title to be sent and click the Send button. The messages selected will be sent using data from the Order as if that Order were placed upon clicking the Send button.

Other Options

Send to alternate email address allows the selected messages to be redirected to any email address. Enter the new destination email address and optionally, click the checkbox for Update the email on order to change the default email address for the Order.


Do not send cc/bcc allows the messages selected to be resent to the destination email address, without sending it to any email address specified under CC or BCC for that message.

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