Membership Groups, Levels, and Pricing

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Event Manager allows you to create multiple Membership Groups, Levels, and Pricing. This allows you to group participants by skill level, restrict the purchasing of items to account holders who have certain Membership Levels, and adjust pricing based on the Membership Level of participants or account holders.

Getting Started

Optional: Enable Membership Pricing by turning on the Configuration "Turn on to enable membership level pricing on products."

Start by navigating to Settings > Assignments > Membership Levels:


By default, you will have a single Membership Group titled "Membership Levels":


Adding Levels

Clicking Edit 2015-04-28_1634.png at the far right will allow you to rename the group, and Edit Membership Levels 2015-04-28_1635.pngwill allow you to add levels in the group.

For instance, if you ran Chess Programs and Basketball Programs, you may Rename the first group to Chess Levels by clicking Edit and changing the Title:


After Saving, click + New Membership Group and Create Basketball Levels. The result will show two Membership Groups:


To add some Basketball levels, click Edit Membership Levels:


Then click Add New Membership Level.
If the first Basketball level is Novice, you would input Novice and optionally choose a color to go with it. The Default % of Price field controls the default Membership Price to give this membership level, if you are using Membership Pricing. (100% is populated by default and means members with this level will pay 100% of the regular price.) Export Value is available if you want to see a different value than the Title in reports.

The Default Membership Level

Membership Levels can be set to "Default". When new Accounts and Participants are created in the system, they will receive the "Default" Membership Level(s). Multiple Levels within a group can be set to "Default" -- new Accounts and Participants will be assigned all Levels. A Default Membership Level can expire a certain number of dates after the Account or Participant is created. This enables you to provide the benefits of the Membership Level to new Accounts as a trial.

Setting a Max Membership Duration

Membership levels can be set with a "Max Membership Duration". This will limit how long an Account, Participant or Organization can have the membership level as it will expire automatically after the Account, Participant, or Organization has passed the max duration date that is set.

Assigned Products

Products can be assigned to Membership Levels. When an Account or Participant purchase a product that is assigned to a membership level that Account or Participant is granted that Membership level. See Expiring Membership Levels for more details regarding this feature.

Event Content

The following fields for Content Before and After the event are available in Triggered Emails and Progress Report emails (outlined further below).

After completing Intermediate and Advanced, the Membership Levels under the Basketball Group would look like this:


Assigning Levels to Participants and Account Holders

These Levels are now available on each Participant in Accounts. Search for the appropriate Participant or Account and click the Memberships Button


This will show you their associated Membership Levels.


You can then check the box to the left of the level you want to grant, and optionally add an Expiration Date to the level.


Below the Membership Levels, the checkbox for Send Account Membership Level Notification Email allows you to send a system email to the Participant and/or Account when updating their levels. Go to Settings > Assignments > Email Messages and create the "Account Membership Level Notification" email to notify Accounts when updating the Account levels and the "Participant Membership Level Notification" email to notify Participants (Accounts if the Participant doesn't have an email address) when Participant levels are updated. See Email Messages for more information.

In addition to editing Membership Levels on the Account, administrators and staff members can complete Participant Progress Reports and update levels from either the Admin Calendar or Staff Calendar.

Create the Participant Progress Report form by going to Settings > Assignments > Forms and creating the form. See Forms for more detailed instructions.

Along with the Participant Progress Report form, you can also create a Participant Progress Report email to consume the Before and After Event content created on the individual level. This email is sent out upon completing the Progress Report Form as a staff or admin.

Assigning Membership Level Groups to Products

In order to associate a Membership Level Group with a product, go to the Product and it's Assignments tab:


If you want to restrict participants from purchasing the product unless they are a certain level, you can navigate to Membership Levels and assign an individual level to the Product.

Note: You can only assign a Membership Level after you assign a Membership Level Group.

If you've created a Participant Progress Report form, make sure to assign it as well.

Membership Level Pricing

Note: Membership Level Pricing is enabled by turning on the configuration "Turn on to enable membership level pricing on products."

You can setup your products so that the prices can change based on the account holder or participant's Membership Level.

First, define the default pricing for each membership level. Return to the Membership Levels Settings (see Adding Levels above), and click edit on a Membership Level. You will see a "Default % of Price" field. Edit the field to define the pricing. For example, if you want a certain Membership Level to pay 50% of the product's standard price, input "50" into the field, and click "Save".

Then, assign an item to that Membership Level Pricing. Find the item in Products, then go to the Assignments tab. Select the Membership Price Group Assignment, find the Membership Group that you want dynamic pricing for, and drag it to the Assigned column.

To view the pricing for that item, go to the Main tab, and click on the Advanced Pricing button next to the Price field.

A popover will appear with the Membership Levels, and their pricing. The pricing is based on the default percentages defined above. If you want to tweak the pricing for this specific item, modify either the "percent of price" or "price" fields, and click Save.

Note: If the price of the product changes, the Membership Levels popover will have to be re-launched, and the prices will have to be manually updated.


To see how this will look to your customers, impersonate a user who has a membership level that has been assigned to a product for pricing. Find that product, and view the price field. You will see the original price with a strikethrough, and the membership price below.
Update 1/2020

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