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You may have many reasons to flag a registration as On Hold. Whether you're bibbing your participants, or need to hold them for review, marking a registration as On Hold allows you (and other users in your database) to quickly recognize registrations that require Review.

Getting Started

Create your List of Hold reasons by going to Settings > Assignments > Lists, then locating the list named 'Order Product Holds'. Edit list items and add your reason(s) to hold registrations. See Editing Lists for more information.

Putting Registrations on Hold

Go to Accounts and search for the registration you want to put on Hold. See Account Page Overview for more information. Click Edit Item to open the Edit Item Modal, see Edit Item Modal for more information.

Choose your Hold Reason and click Save.


Searching for On Hold Registrations

Go to Accounts and using the Advanced search choose the Hold Type you want to review, then click Search. (Note that "Choose a Hold Type" will show all registrations with and without holds.)


You can then click View Order to see the order and the Edit Item button.


Removing a Hold

Upon clicking Edit Item, simply re-set the Product Hold drop down to 'No Hold' and Save.

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