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During the course of business, some Orders placed online will inevitably require modifications. This is most often due to mistakes made when ordering (such as ordering the wrong sized shirt), or due to changing circumstances (such as planning to go to an event in July, and then needing to change to an event in August).

Configio enables you to manage these changes via the Transfer Tool. Transferring cancels items from old orders and creates new orders. Because orders can range from extremely simple to extraordinarily complex, we made the tool both easy and intuitive to use, as well as exceptionally powerful and well defined.

Please use this manual as a guide, but do not hesitate to call us for any assistance with this tool.

Note: The Transfer Tool was significantly upgraded in February 2016. For those who are familiar with the old tool, please be aware that initiating the modal is no longer a single click event; please click the Transfer Icon on each Order Item that needs to be transferred, then click the Transfer Selected Items Icon.

Getting Started

There is not much setup for Transfers. Go to Settings->Configuration, and search for "Transfer" (or browse to the Transfer Tool section). You can add a Fee to any Transfer. If you wish to have a default Transfer Fee, input the value and click the SAVE button.

First Transfer Example - Transferring between Variations

In our first example, the customer ordered a large shirt, but they actually needed a medium shirt. This is a transfer from one variation of a product to second variation of the same product.

Log into your Configio database, and go the Accounts section. Locate the Order than requires attention. Click the Transfer Icon on the Item in the Order that needs to be transferred. Then, click the TRANSFER SELECTED ITEMS Icon.

Because the product being transferred is a variation, a Modal will to allow you to simply choose another variation of the same product. In this example, the medium variation is chosen.

The Transfer Tool will appear. The left-side is all about what is being transferred from, and the right-side is all about what is being transferred to. Click the TRANSFER button to complete the transfer.

You will see a Transfer Success modal. The old order has a TRANSFERRED OUT Badge, and the new Order has a TRANSFERRED IN Badge.

There will also be Notes on both of the Orders.

Adding Complexities - Transferring between Items with Different Prices

Let's add a complexity - transfer between two different products. Let's also make the products have different prices. Like when transferring between variations, get started by locating the Order that needs attention, clicking the TRANSFER Icon on the Product that needs to be transferred, and clicking the TRANSFER SELECTED ITEMS icon.

The Transfer Tool will appear. The Product that you are transferring will be on the left side of the tool. On the right side of the tool, search for a product to transfer to.

Selecting that product will populate the right side of the tool.

As you can see, because the original product is less expensive than the new product, there will be a balance due on the the new order. If you like, you may simply click to Write Off the Balance.

Otherwise, you may choose to create the Order with a Balance Due, and then to pay for the balance after the transfer has gone through. Let's try that by clicking the Transfer button.

The new order will be created with a balance due. Likewise, the account will have a balance due.

You may then pay for the balance via the PAY FOR ORDER button on the Order, or the MAKE A PAYMENT button on the Item.

Adding Complexities - Transferring Multiple Items

Multiple Items within the same Order can be transferred. One illustrative scenario is an Event with Dependent and Required Merchandise. Let's investigate how the Transfer Tool handles this circumstance.

Find the Order that needs attention, select the TRANSFER icon for each of the Items that needs to be transferred, and click the TRANSFER SELECTED ITEMS icon.

You will see the left side of the Transfer Tool populate with each of the Items being transferred. Search for the product being transferred too, and select it to populate the right side of the Transfer Tool.

If both the new and the old items have the same Required and/or Dependent Items, then they will be added to the new Order by default in the Add Ons section. If there was a variation involved, the old variation will be selected for the new variation. You may choose to either include or exclude an Add On, and choose to change the variation, via the menus.

Here, I've decided to add the Free Drumsticks, which I have the flexibility to do as an administrator, and to not change the size of the Tee-Shirt. Then, I clicked the Transfer button.

The transfer goes through, all three items on the old are cancelled, and a new order is created with two items.

Note: If you choose to attempt to transfer a Parent Product and it's Required/Dependent product, and the new Parent Product doesn't have that assignment, then (naturally) the the Required/Dependent Product on the old Older will simply be cancelled.

Options, Shipping, Taxes, Discounts, and Fees... oh my!

The Transfer Tool handles the myriad of complexities that the system is capable of generating.

If you are utilizing Product Options in your setup, these can be transferred from the old order to the new order (provided the product you're transferring to also has the same Product Options assigned).
When transferring a product with Shipping charged on it, the item you transfer to will bring over the shipping charge paid on the original item. However, if the original item was not charged shipping and the new product does have a shipping charge, the transfer tool will populate the shipping field with the Ship First shipping charge on the new product. Note that the Transfer Tool will not use calculated shipping (such as FedEx or UPS).
The Transfer Tool will calculate taxes just like the shopping cart. In most cases, the tax responsibility is the same from one item to another. However, if the tax rate is different, one item is taxable and the other is not, or an item is being shipped to a different State, the transfer tool will accurately calculate the correct tax to be charged.
Discounts and Fees assigned to the product transferred in to are always available to the admin. Simply check or un-check the discounts and fees you wish to add.


As with most things in life, the Transfer Tool is not without it's limitations. Here is a list of known limitations:

1) Cannot transfer any Item with a Participant Per that is greater than "1", for example a Team Event.

2) Cannot transfer multiple dependent or required products when the parent product is not transferred, for example you may transfer one dependent product without also transferring the parent product, but you cannot transfer two.

3) The Transfer Tool does not calculate shipping via carrier methods. It simply brings over shipping charges paid or populates with Ship First pricing.

4) Cannot transfer coupons. If a coupon was used on the original order item, and the coupon discount is also assigned to the new order item, and you would like the coupon to be used on the new order item, then there is an additional step. After making the transfer, impersonate the user, click "Make a Payment", find the order, click coupon, and enter the coupon code.

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