Recurring Billing Management

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The Configio Admin offers three types of Recurring Billing:

  • Subscription
  • Pay to Balance Owed
  • Layaway

For more details on setting up each of these structures, see Recurring Billing.

After a customer has purchased one of these products, Administrators can manage customer's recurring settings in Accounts.

See Accounts Page Overview for more details on navigating to Accounts and selecting a product with Recurring Billing.

When looking at an ordered product with Recurring Billing, click the Recurring Billing button to view the status:


The resulting modal allows you to Schedule Payment Change:


After clicking Schedule Payment Change, you will see the current Subscription status, an Execution Date, and several recurring status options:


Execution Date is the day the action should take place (the day the cancellation or suspension should happen). If you want to immediately change the customer's status, simply choose today's date.

The Statuses are:

  • Active - the customer is currently being billed for the recurring product as scheduled.
  • Suspend - the customer is not currently being billed for the product but may return to billing in the future. If using Attendance, the participant will still appear on attendance while set to Suspend.
  • Suspend without building balance (Subscription Only) - subscriptions build recurring bills based upon the schedule selected on the product. When set to Suspend, these recurring bills are built but not billed, accruing a balance due. Suspend without building balance does not build the bills at all. (Note: this means the missed payments can only be skipped or slid, not back billed.)
  • Cancel - the billing is ended manually before completing the schedule. (Cannot be Re-Activated.)
  • Complete - the billing is completed. (Cannot be Re-Activated.)

Subscription Only:

When choosing Cancel or Complete, a second date box appears to select what day to remove the participant from attendance. IE - the subscription can be cancelled today, but the participant can be left on the attendance for another month.


When returning from Suspend to Activate, you are given three options for how to handle the missed bills (if any):

  • Slide - this moves any missed recurrences to the end of the original schedule (if 10 months of payments and 2 months missed, subscription will end 12 months after initial purchase).
  • Skip - the missed payments are forgiven and ignored.
  • Back-Bill - any missed payments are billed on the following day. (Note: if returning from Suspend without building balance you can select Back-Bill, but it will not bill anything.)


Using Suspend and Activate, you can then schedule all of the upcoming changes at once and let the system change them on the appropriate days:


The Edit button above allows you to edit the upcoming change up until the date that it has happened - allowing you to delete changes or edit them.

After a change has occurred, the date, user, and reason are logged:


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