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Event manager allows you to create a quick Admin Guest Order through the account screen with the push of a button. These orders also create a Guest account that the customer cannot login to.

Note: Customers can still create an account in your shopping cart after an Admin Guest Order has been placed under their name/email. However, the account and it's orders are not tied to the guest order.

Getting Started

By default the Admin Guest Order feature is turned OFF.  To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Configuration.  Alphabetically, you will find it listed as the very first section: titled "Admin Guest Order".  Here, slide the ON/OFF switch to the "On" position found next to the text that reads "Turn on to show the guest order button on the accounts screen".  This will make the Guest Order button visible in the account screen.


Beyond turning the feature on/off, there are several other configurable fields you want to make note of. There are configurations to Show and separate configurations to Require each of these items: 

  • Birth date
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Mobile Phone
  • Phone

Adjusting these fields will allow you to customize the information guest orders collect. 

Using Admin Guest Order

In the account screen, click the (1) Guest Order button found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will open the Add Guest Order search modal. Search by product name by entering a name into the Search Products bar and clicking the (2) magnifying glass. You also have the option to filter down your search using (3) the Filters button.


After selecting a product, you will need to complete the information required by your configurations for the customer.

Note: If you are adding an order for a product that has a participant attached, you will be required to enter First Name and Last Name regardless of your configuration settings.

Note: If the product you are adding has constraints for Age or Gender, you will be required to add DOB and/or Gender to meet the requirements.


After clicking Save & Continue, the Account Form will be presented to the admin as well as any other applicable forms. (Participant form if there is a participant on the product purchased, as well as forms assigned to the product.)


Note that you can edit the Participant/Guest information by clicking "Modify Participant Information", and are asked all of the requisite shipping and tax information if the product is shipped or taxable.

Suggested, Required, and Dependent products are also displayed just as they are in conventional Add Item. See Add Item for more details.

After completing the forms and other required information, you can choose to Pay Now, Pay Later, or Prepaid (provided your configurations are set to allow Prepaid). See Add Item for more information.

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