Making Payments in Admin

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Example: You want to pay on behalf of a customer towards a balance due without impersonating their account.

Start by going to Accounts from the main menu and loading the account that you would like to add a payment to. If the customer has an order with an unpaid balance you can see it highlighted with red text.


Select an order with an unpaid balance and you will see the "Make a Payment" button, click this to view payment options such as credit card, gift card, cash etc.


NOTE: You will only be able to apply the amount towards the remaining balance, never anything over.

You can use the tabs to view different payment method options. Select the payment option you want to use and apply an amount to the total remaining balance. You can use multiple payment sources to make payments towards the total due. You do not have to pay the full amount due.

After you are done applying amounts from different payment sources you can click the "Apply Payments" button on the right. This will apply all of the payments and display a success or error message for each payment method.


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