Adding or editing Account Info and Participants in the Shopping Cart

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Example: You have a customer who is unaccustomed to doing things online and asks if you can edit their account.
How To: First bring up the Account by typing part of the customer's name in the Last Name, First Name lookup bar. (Note: This assumes the customer has created an account. If he hasn't, refresh your screen so NO account is showing, then click Create New Account and fill in the information your customer gives you.)

Click Impersonate. You'll be taken to the Shopping Cart side of the system as if you were the Customer:


You can do anything the Customer can do through his Account (and more).  Primarily you will be purchasing Products for the Account.  To do this click SHOP (see below). This will take you to the Shopping Cart with your organization's list of products. You can add products to your cart and shop as if you were the Customer.


You can change Account information if required, and also change Participant information, including the Participants’ Forms. To do this, select Account and choose Participants:


You can change Participant Info (like Name, Date of Birth, Gender, E-Mail) or Participant Forms by clicking the links to the right of the participant's name under EDIT (for Participant information) or FORM (for Participant's forms).

You can also Make a Payment to process any outstanding money the Account owes:


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