Adding and Editing Account Info and Participants on the Accounts Screen

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Example: You would like to view or update Account forms or Participant forms without leaving the Account Screen. You would like create a new Account or add a new Participant to an existing Account. You would like to change the password for an Account. Previously this was accomplished by impersonating the account but can now be done without leaving the Accounts page.

How To:  To edit an existing Account or Participant search for them from the Account screen and select them in the search results. To Edit the Account be sure the Account is selected in the drop down of the "Account & Participants" section and click the edit button (pencil idon) circled below. To Edit a Participant, choose the participant from the drop down and click the edit button as before. The edit button will know if the selected is an Account (A) or a Participant (P) and load the correct forms in a modal. The Modal window will also display any custom forms you have created and all you to edit them as well.

Editing Account or Participant data from the Account screen

Once you have clicked on the correct Account, select the Edit button (pencil Icon).

In the Edit Account model you can add or edit addresses, change Account info, change passwords, and Inactivate the Account. If it is inactivated, it cannot be used by the customer.

Click the Change Password button to update the Account Password. Input the new password, and click the Change Password button.

Adding a Participant on the Accounts Screen

To add a participant click on the Add Participant button (plus icon).

This will display the Create New Participant model. Add a First Name, Last Name and depending on the configuration add the other required info. If you have created a custom Participant form it will display as well.


By default, questions you have marked as required for the shopping cart user will not be required from the Admin Account screen giving you more flexibility to add and edit data without the required restriction. You can change this behavior from the Configuration screen as show below. 


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