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The Transfer Tool is used to transfer a Participant from one Event to another Event.

Example: Your customer wants to switch from one camp session (or race date/time) to another.
How To: First bring up the Account by typing part of the customer's name in the Last Name, First Name lookup bar.

Once you bring up the correct Account, click on the Order that contains the Event you want to transfer from.
Click on the correct Order, find the Event/Product you want to transfer from and click on it so it is highlighted.
Click the Transfer Tool icon to the right of the Product’s name.  The Transfer Tool icon features two opposing arrows.

The Product Transfer screen pops up.

Either type in the Product you want to transfer the Participant to or click the binoculars icon to see all available Events and click/select the new Product.

If the new event requires a Form that was already completed for the old event, check the box to transfer it.  You can also add available Options and add Discounts or Fees to the new Event in the appropriate boxes:

Note: If there is a price difference between the originally ordered product and the new product, it will show up as a positive or negative amount.  If the new event costs more, the difference will be added to total due. If the new event costs less, the difference (a credit) will then be added to unapplied funds.  

Tip:  If you want to eliminate a difference in pricing, you can add an admin discount or admin fee to offset the Amount difference making no funds due to unapplied funds or total due.

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