Add or Remove Account Credit

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Account Credit is used to add funds to an existing Account where those funds cannot be refunded to Check, Cash, or Credit Card. It can only be used in the system to purchase products.

Add Account Credit

Example: One of your customers receives a scholarship or financial aid.
How To: First bring up the Account by typing part of the customer's name in the Last Name, First Name lookup bar.
Once you have clicked on the correct Account, find the Manage button in the upper left-hand corner near Account and click it.

This will bring up the Manage Account Credit screen (below). Click “Add Account Credit.”

First, choose who will receive the Credit – it can be applied to the Account in general, or any Participant under that Account.

NOTE:  Applying credit to a specific participant allows you to arrange and track credit in the system. The Account holder can choose to allocate the credit to anyone in his account during the checkout process. He isn't restricted to using it solely for that participant.

Then choose the Credit Source. Credit Source is generally the type of Credit you are giving the Account or Participant (“Scholarship,” “Financial Aid,” “Staff Credit,” etc.).

 Create Credit Sources under SETUP > ASSIGNMENTS > LISTS.

Next, fill in the Amount of the Account Credit and click UPDATE.

Remove Account Credit

Example: You accidentally added too much Account Credit to an employee's Account and now you need to adjust the error.
How To: Simply follow the instructions above for Adding Account Credit UNTIL you reach entering the Amount.

In the Amount field, enter a minus sign, then the amount you would like to subtract from the account, then click Update. (So if you want to add $100 from a $300 Account Credit, simply enter 100.00.)

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