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The Add Option button is used to add an Option to an Order via the Account screen AFTER the Order has been completed.

Example: You have a customer who forgot to add an Option (like a T-Shirt) to an order they already placed or (at least partially) paid for, and they call to have the Option added after the fact.
How To: Select a customer order, then select the Add Option icon .

Once you bring up the Account name, click on the Order in question and click the Add Option button.

The Add Option modal will be displayed:

Select the option(s) you would like and click Add.

After adding the option(s), the order will contain a balance.

To make a payment on the balance visit the Making Payments In Admin or Admin Payments for Entire Order  

Note: The available Options depend on what is actively assigned to that Product or that Product’s Category or Region.Click the box under Add to add that Option to add to the Order. The Option Price and Available count are listed in the window.

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