Order Payment History

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The Order Payment History tool is like the Account Payment History tool, except it only displays the payments associated with a single order.

Getting Started

Navigate to Accounts, and find the relevant account via the lookup bar. You may search by account name, participant name, or by order number. Once the account is on the screen, select the relevant order.

Example: You are unsure whether an order was payed for initially, and whether recurring billing then occurred. You know the account holder's name, Johnny Carson, so you start by launching Event Manager, clicking on "Accounts", and inputting "carson" in the search bar.


You then select the "(A) Carson, Johnny" to see his account, then select the order with recurring billing, ID: 6119.


Viewing the Order Payment History

When an order is selected, a tool bar appears at the top of the Order section. Clicking on the Order Payment History tool returns the data.

Example: You click on the Order Payment History tool and see that indeed there was a charge for the initial and the recurring charges.

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