Impersonating an Account

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Impersonating an Account allows you to do everything for that Account as if you were the Account holder.  As an Admin (that is, a User assigned to the Admin user group), you can enroll Participants in Events even if they are closed to the public. You can “Impersonate” an Account to assist cart-end users who either need help purchasing an event, or who cannot access an Event, for example because the Event’s “Purchase End” or “Show Online End” time has already passed.

Getting Started

On your administrative console, navigate to the Accounts page. First bring up the Account by typing part of the customer's name in the Last Name, First Name lookup bar. (Note: This assumes the customer has already created an account. If they haven't, click Create New Account and fill in the information your customer gives you.)
Once you select the Account, you'll find the Impersonate button in the upper left-hand corner near Account. Select Impersonate.



Once you click on Impersonate, you'll be taken to the Shopping Cart side of the system as if you were the Customer:

You can do anything the Customer can do through his Account (and more). Primarily you will be purchasing Products for the Account. On the Shop page, the Shopping Cart will display along with your organization's list of products. In this way, you can add products to your cart and shop as if you were the Customer.

If you want to change any account information, select the Account drop-drown menu for a list of all Account options.impersonating_an_account_account_dropdown_01-15-2019.png
If you want to view staff information, select the Staff drop-drown menu for a list of all Staff options.
If you want to see the account's order information, select the Staff drop-drown menu for a list of all Staff options.
In the menu, there is also a Checkout page link which grants you quick access to the checkout page for any products in the users cart.
There is also a Help menu item present on the user's page and therefore present via impersonation.
Feel free to contact our Configio support team with any further questions!
Note: The help request will auto-fill, containing both the (impersonators name) followed by the Account's name.

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