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You can require that Cart Accounts be approved before they can be used to make Purchases. Approvals are done by Coordinators, who have special access to tools and data via a Dashboard. Coordinators are part of Organizations, so Coordinators are responsible for only approving Accounts that are affiliated with their Organization.  Organizations can also have Departments, which allows for a greater level of granularity, as a Coordinator can be responsible for approving Accounts that are just part his Department, instead of approving Accounts for the entire Organization.  

Organizations have Landing Pages, and the affiliation between the Cart Account and the Organization can be determined by the registration originating from that page. Also, the affiliation between the Cart Account and the Organization can be defined via form questions that are asked when the Account is created.  

Note: The setup for this feature is involved. If you are unfamiliar with Organization Mode, or if you have any questions about setting up Account Approvals, please contact us, and we would be happy to assist.

Getting Started

There are a number of Configurations that are relevant to the feature. Start by logging into the Administrative side of your database and navigating to Settings --> Setup --> Configuration. Search for "Organization". Turn Organization Mode to ON, and determine how Accounts and Organizations become affiliated. 

Affiliation Options

You have options regarding how the System creates the affiliations between Cart Accounts and Organizations:

  • Determine the Org from the Cart Landing Page entrypoint: the System will determine that Account is affiliated with that Org via the context of the registration coming from the Cart Landing Page. If the User registers for an Account via another page, eg the Main Product List page, then there will be no affiliation.
  • Ask for the Org on the Account Registration Form:  the System will simply always ask for the User's Organization via an question on the Account Registration Form  
  • Determine the Org from the Cart Landing Page entrypoint, otherwise, ask for it: the System will determine the affiliation if the registration is coming from the Cart Landing Page, otherwise it will ask for it as a backup.

Note: there is also an option to "Associate the Org via the Email Domain". This is always the last fallback for the other options. That is, if affiliation fails via the configured methodology, then the System will try to affiliate by matching the domain of the Organization with the domain of the User's email address.configs__2_.png

Other Relevant Configurations

There are a few other relevant System Configurations to take a look at. Search for "approv" to find them.

  • Default for Account Creation Requires Approval on a CRM Organization: turn ON to have the checkbox "Account Creation Requires Approval" be ticked by default for new Organizations.
  • Message to display when an account is pending creation approval: this message is shown to Users on the Cart Landing Page when they login prior to their Account being approved. 
  • Term you use to describe a person who can approve product purchases and account creation: this term is used when referencing the person who can approve accounts.


Account Form -- The Organization Question
You will need to ensure that the Account Form contains the Organization Question even if you are not going to affiliate via the Account Form Question. If you do not want it to show it to users, you can mark it "Admin Only." Go to Settings -> Assignments -> Forms, find the (active) Account Form, and click the Edit Questions icon.
Click the Add New Question button.act_2.png
Select the Organization Question.

Create the Form Question by inputting a Title, display text, and choose "Admin Only" if you don't want to show it to your customers. Click the SAVE button.


CRM Integration -- Creating Organizations

Organizations are created like any other CRM Lead, except that they have "Organization" checked. Navigate to the CRM, click the NEW LEAD button, and check the "Organization" box. Click SAVE to create the Organization.

Adding Domains to an Organization

Click on the LEAD SETTINGS button to add Domains to an Organization. Input a Domain, such as "", and click the ADD DOMAIN button. Click the SAVE button once you have finished adding Domains. You can also remove Domains as needed by returning to this screen, selecting the Domain, clicking the REMOVE DOMAIN button, and clicking the SAVE button.

Adding Departments to an Organization

Click on the LEAD SETTINGS button to add Departments to an Organization. This can be useful if you are going to have multiple Coordinators, as you can assign a Department to a Coordinator, and they will be responsible for Approvals just within that Department. Input the Department's name, and click the ADD button. You can add multiple Departments. Like with Domains, you can remove them via the REMOVE DEPARTMENT button, and also you can also edit them by clicking the EDIT DEPARTMENT button. Click SAVE when you are done adding Departments. 

CRM Integration -- Creating Coordinators for the Organization

Coordinators are the individuals in an Organization who will approve the user Accounts. Coordinators are created as Contacts in the CRM under the Organization. This will also create them a Cart Account. They will need this Cart Account to login to the publicly facing side of the database (the Shopping Cart), and access tools such as the Account Approval tool.

After creating the CRM Contact, it is important to update the Cart Account with a new password so that the Coordinator can log in. This update can either be done by them or by you.

Creating a CRM Contact

Navigate to the CRM, select the Organization, and click the Contacts tab. This will list all of the Organization's Contacts. Click the CREATE CONTACT button, input a First Name, a Last Name, and an Email address. Optionally, add other information such as their Gender or their Birthday. 

Making them a Coordinator and an Account Approver
Start by navigating to the CRM, selecting the Organization, clicking the Contacts tab, and clicking the VIEW button for the Contact. Click the "Coordinator Access" and the "Is Approver" checkboxes. If you are using Departments, you can indicate for which Department the Coordinator will be responsible approving Accounts. Click the SAVE button when done.


Giving them Access to the Coordinator Dashboard
Creating a CRM Contact also creates a corresponding Cart Account. As the Coordinator Dashboard is a Shopping Cart feature, it will need to be updated with a password before the Coordinator can access the Dashboard. You can either do this for them, or let them do it themselves.
  • Updating the Password for them: The benefit of doing it for them is that it will save them a step. Do this by going the Accounts section of the Admin, finding the Account, and editing it with a new password. You can then give them their Shopping Cart / Coordinator Dashboard credentials -- the Username is their email address from when the CRM Contact was created, and the password is whatever you set it to. The Coordinator can then login using those credentials, access their Dashboard, and (if desired) personalize their password.
  • Letting them update their Password: The benefit of letting them update their password, is that they won't get an Account Password Update email message from a system that they (perhaps) are unfamiliar with with. There is a type of email message titled Coordinator Account Creation. You can create this message, and include the "Account Link" Operator that will allow them to update their password.
Note: The above instructions presume that there is not already a Cart Account for the Coordinator. If there is already a Cart Account that now requires Coordinator Access, then simply create the CRM Contact, and be sure to use the same Email Address that is on the Cart Account for the CRM Contact. The two records will be associated via the email address, so this is critical. Also, as they already have access to Shopping Cart via their existing password, it is unnecessary to reset it for them.  

CRM Integration -- Setting-up the Cart Landing Page

The Cart Landing Page allows you display custom products and content intended for Users associated with an Organization. It allows the System to determine the affiliation of Account registrations to that Org. And it has configurations to control whether Accounts affiliated with that Organization require approval, and to control whether the System asks for Departments when Accounts are being created via the page. Be sure to hit the SAVE button when finished setting-up the page.

Account Creation Controls

Navigate to the CRM, select the Organization, and select the Cart Landing Page tab. There are two checkboxes, and the first is "Account Creation Requires Approval". Check it to require Accounts that are originating from the landing page be approved prior to being used to make purchases.

The second is "Ask for Department when creating an account for this Organization". Check it to include the Department field on the Account Registration Form. The Department will be asked when inferring from that landing page, or when asking (if that Org has been selected).

Header and Footer Text

You can include informative text above and below the products on that page. 

Email Message

There are three email messages that are used during the Account Approval process:
  • Account Approval Request: this message is sent to the Approver when a User creates an Account.
  • Account Approval Notification: this message is sent to the User if the Account is approved.
  • Account Denial Notification: this message is sent to the User if the Account is denied.  
You can customize the message to suit your needs.

The Cart Account User's Experience

The experience of creating a Cart Account can vary slightly depending on the Configuration for determining the Organization Affiliation. If it is set to determine, then they will be directed to the Cart Landing Page via a link that you provide them, click the Register button, and then they will be presented with the Account Registration Form. 

The form will not ask for the Organization, but it may ask for the Department and/or the Coordinator, depending on the setup. If it is set to ask, then they will have gotten to the Account Registration Form from any direction, and then asked for the Org (and likewise then perhaps the Department and Coordinator). BLAH.png

Once they have completed the Form, they will not be able to purchase until the Account has been approved.

Whether they are approved or denied, they will be sent a notification email. If they are approved, then the next time that they login, they will be able to make purchase, as well as access other secured content, such as videos, documents, and courses. 

If they are denied, they will likewise be notified. However, the Account will marked as deleted in the System, and it will not be usable.

The Coordinator's Experience

If a Coordinator is given Account Approver permissions, then they will get an email notification when an Account has been created and is in need of approval. They will login to the front-end (publicly facing) of the System via their Shopping Cart credentials, then will access the Coordinator Dashboard via a Main Menu link, and navigate to the Approvals section of the Dashboard. There will be a list of Accounts in need of approval, and can approve or deny via buttons.

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