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Add Item allows the administrator to process a simple order on the customer's behalf without the need to impersonate.

When on a given Account, the Add Item button appears above the account holder's order history:


Click Add Item to see a product search as well as all products that are in your Default Product Group as featured items. See Product Groups for more information on Default Product Groups.


After selecting a product, Participant assignment, forms, and Required and Dependent products are presented to complete:


Note that Bib Numbers are also available if using Product Groups, Waves, and Bibs.

Forms are shown as seen under the Location section with all form questions presented to your customers.
Under Required Products, all required products are shown. In the case of a required product with Variations (as above), the drop-down populates with all variations.
Dependent Products are shown below Required Products. Dependent or Required Products without Variations show as the Water Bottle above, with an up and down arrow for quantity.

Below the Dependent Products the administrator can choose the send the assigned order confirmation emails to the account by checking Send Confirmation Emails. They can also send an email to the account requesting they complete any forms the administrator skipped by checking the Send Incomplete Forms Notification.

Before adding the item, the administrator must choose how to pay for the order. Pay Now will prompt the administrator for payment immediately after clicking Add Item.
Pay Later will process the order with no payment at all, leaving a balance due for the entire order.
Prepaid will process the order with no payment and leave no balance due, assuming the order was meant to be free or paid by another method.

After adding the item, a new order will show in the account history.

You can also Add an Item to an existing order, and add Dependent or Required Products to existing ordered Products!


Add Item to Order simply adds an item just like the Add Item function originally. You can add any active product to the same order, and use Pay Now, Pay Later, or Prepaid as the payment type.

Add Dependent or Required Product to Existing ordered Product allows you to add dependent/required items that the customer may have forgotten at the time of original purchase. The add item modal from the Dependent or Required shows only the assigned Dependent and Required products:


You can use the same Pay Now, Pay Later, and Prepaid options for payment.

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