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Your database includes sample Templates to help get you started with exploring the Media Manager.

Sample Product Participant Template

The Sample Product Participant Template is intended for the "Single Product Per Page - Landscape" Template Style. This is due in part to the dimensions of the Background Image. It combines simple text with Operators.

Editing the Sample and Viewing it in the Previewer

Try playing with text styles, adding and removing text and Operators, and selecting Products for the Previewer.

Associating it with Products, using Overrides, and defining Requirements

Try assigning it to a test Product, adding data for overriding Operators and for custom Operators, and defining Certificate Requirements.

Delivering it to the User

Try purchasing it with a test Account, and Impersonating that Account to access the Certificate from the Account Dashboard.

Sample Product Media Template

The Sample Product Media Template is intended for the "Multiple Product Data Grid - Portrait". This is due in part to the dimensions of the Background Image and the inclusion of the Grid.

Combining Simple Text and Operators with a Data Grid

It combines simple text with Operators and sample Data Grid that is also seeded, called the "Sample Product Grid".

Generating a Certificate for Multiple Products via Advanced Search

Try generating it for multiple Products via the Advanced Product Search.

Editing the Product Display Grid

Try playing with "Sample Product Grid" to see how changes affect the look and feel.

In Conclusion...

Have fun, and we hope to add more samples in the future!

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