Setting Up Your Stripe Payment Gateway in Configio

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Configio integrates with Stripe as a Payment Gateway. Follow these instructions to get transactions to be processed by Stripe in your Configio database.

Getting Started at Stripe

To add your Stripe gateway to your Configio database, first Login to your Stripe Dashboard, and go to Your account > Account Settings.

Note that this gateway is in Test mode at the top left. Ensure your live gateway is set to Live mode before attempting real transactions.
Once on Account Settings, click API Keys from the top menu and copy your live Keys:

These Keys will be input in Settings > Payment Gateways in Event Manager.

Navigate to the Settings page and select Integration.
Under Advanced settings, toggle the "Process Payments Unsafely" field and answer the prompts required by Stripe.
The integration through Configio and Tokenex provides it's own third-party tokenization process that makes Stripe's tokenization unnecessary. Both Configio and Tokenex are PCI level 1 compliant.

Configuring the Gateway in Configio

Login to Event Manager and go to Settings > Payment Gateways:

Once there, click Add New Gateway at the top right.

On the New Gateway, enter your desired internal name for the gateway as the title (generally “[Company Name] [Gateway]”, for example “Configio Stripe”). Then choose Stripe as your Card Processor.

Additional Information

The Live Secret Key needs to be pasted into the Gateway Login field. Stripe does not require any additional authentication beyond the Live Secret Key, so be sure to keep this value private.

If this is going to be your only gateway (most common), check the Default Gateway box at the top right.

Simulation Mode will bypass the gateway altogether and always return a fake approval result.

Preauth/Capture will ask the gateway to run each transaction in two steps: pre-authorize the card, then capture the pre-authorization. In the event of gateway outages or network interruption, this will provide greater control to ensure there are no charges made in error.

If you are going to allow administrators to refund directly to the customer’s credit card, check the Card Refunds box. Note that checking the refunds box will open a new field for refund expiration. By default this is set to 0, which means the refund option will never expire within Configio. You can enter a value of 90 if you would like to restrict administrators from processing a refund that is more than 90 days old. Note that some gateways have separate restrictions on refund expiration which are not affected by this setting.

Payment Neutral allows you to charge a fee to your customer for processing a payment on the credit card gateway. This is common in government entities, but very rare otherwise.

Finally, select the card types you would like to accept at the bottom and click Save.

If the gateway is set as the default, all products that were assigned to the old default gateway will be assigned to the new default gateway.

This knowledge article provides information on specific Configio features. To ensure continuity with documentation and product functionality, Configio reserves the right to amend or update this knowledge article as needed. For more information, reach out to Configio Support.

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