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Every Course in your catalog has a Certificate tab, and every Course can be assigned Certificates that can be achieved by either completing the Course or by having the Course graded. Also, Tracks and Paths can be assigned Certificates that are achieved by completing the Track or the Path.

Instructor Operators

You can assign an Instructor to a Course, and their Name and Credentials will be used by the Instructor Name and the Instructor Credentials Operators. 

Certificate Field Overrides

On the Certificates tab, you can define overrides for Certificate Operators to make the Certificates more reusable. You can also define Custom Field Values for that Course that will be printed by Operators in that Course's Certificate. They are pretty self-explanatory, and you can see them in action the screenshot two sections above, however there is additional explanation below. 
Note: To create a hard-return in a custom field, input {{NewLine}} in the field. For example, if the field value was "Hello {{NewLine}} world," then it would display as the following in the media item:


Also like Products, Course Certificates are assignable items. Just find the Course, edit it, navigate to the Assignments tab, find the Course Certificate of Completion or the Course Certificate When Graded assignable nodes, and drag and drop the Certificate from the Unassigned to the Assigned column, and ensure that it is set to "Apply".

Path and Tracks can be assigned Certificates of Completion. Just like with Courses, find the Path, edit it, and find the Path Certificate of Completion node, and drag the Certificate from the Unassigned to the Assigned column.

User Access to the Courseware Certificates

Once a User has achieved a Certificate, they can access it via the Account Dashboard. The Dashboard is found by logging into to the Shopping Cart and navigate to Accounts --> My Account. There is a Certificates section, They can click the PRINT button on a Certificate to save or print it. They will continue to have access to it every time the go to their Dashboard, and the System generated file name will not change.  

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