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The URL Shortener page allows you to create shortened URLs. These URLs re-direct to pages in your customer portal, or externally. Shortened URLs are often used because they are easier to publish, read, and share. You can also use this tool to add query-string parameters to the longer (re-directed to) URL. This is can help you get more from click-tracking tools from Google and Facebook.

Getting Started

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Navigating to the URL Shortener

Login to your database's Administrative portal, and navigate to Settings --> Management --> URL Shortener. Click the Add New URL button.

Creating a Short URL

Copy and paste the long URL you want to re-direct customers to into the Original URL field. In the example below, I copied and pasted a Product Details page URL into the Original URL field. 

Copy and paste text into the Short URL field. This can be a keyword or short phrase to help your customers identify the Product, Page, or promotion. Then, click the SAVE button.

Editing a Short URL

After creating a Short URL, it will be listed on the URL Shortener page. You can click click the Copy button to copy it to your clipboard. You can also click the Edit button to make changes.

On the Edit URL screen, you can change the long or short URL values. You can also mark it Inactive. Click to SAVE your changes. You can also Delete it.

Special Characters and Spaces

Please be advised that the tool will strip spaces and special characters, like parenthesis and exclamation marks, from the keyword field prior to clicking the SAVE button. This is because Configio's Friendly URL structure does not allow for them to be in URLs.

Click Tracking Keywords

If you are using analytics software like Facebook or Google, and you want to add a click tracking keyword, then you must add it as a Query String parameter to the Original URL field, and not to the Short URL field. For SEO page rank and other purposes, every page on your site is unique. Therefore, this tool builds re-directs; it does not build aliases. 

More Information

This is one of our more technical articles, and so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call us at 1-800-375-2191. There are also may wonderful resources on the Web.

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