Managing Age to Grade

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Event Manager gives you the ability to manage the Constraints or restrictions of products many different ways, including the participant's age and/or grade.  The system uses the participant's date of birth to determine eligibility for an event, whether the Constraint is stated for Age or Grade, but you can adjust the pre-seeded age-to-grade table.

Example: You are the director of a camp that is for 1st graders through 3rd graders.  Normally all first graders are ages 5-7 and 3rd graders are ages 7-9.  At this particular event you want to allow kids age 4-10. You would simply adjust the minimum age for grade one to age 4 and the maximum age for grade three to age 10.
How To: Go to Settings > Age to Grade and edit the grade level using the drop-down menus on each line.

Click the edit button on the right. 
Change the Min and Max ages and click Update.


Once you have selected the new ages click Update and Event Manager will follow the new guidelines when using the Maximum or Minimum GradeConstraints on products or events.

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