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The gift card manager is a quick and easy way to find and control gift cards that have been purchased by your customers through your online store. This is not the location where you can create new gift cards that you wish to sell, nor is it the location where you can edit gift cards that are for sale, for these features please visit the product manager. This page is used to view and manage gift cards that have already been purchased.

Example: You sell 50 gift cards to customers through your online store, one of these customers didn't activate their gift card and you want to administratively activate the card for them to use.

How To: Before you can start managing gift cards you need to enable gift cards as a payment option in the Event Manager configuration. If this step has already been completed you can skip ahead. To enable gift cards as a payment option go to "Configuration". Then use the search box at the top left to search for "giftcards" and turn on "Enable Gift Cards as Payment".


Next go to Settings > Gift Card. This will list all of the gift cards that have been purchased.
You can search for a gift card code in the top left with either the entire code, the first four characters, or the last four characters.


You can also click one of the list column headers to organize the gift cards by a certain criteria.


Once you search for the gift card number and find it in the list click the edit button on the right to open up the options for the gift card.


From here you can add an administrative note about the gift card with the "Add Note" button. Only logged in admin users can see these notes.


You can also add and remove funds from the gift card with the "Add Funds" and "Remove Funds" buttons.


"Update Expiration Date" allows you to change the expiration date of the gift card, and the "Update Discount Expiry Date" button changes the expiration date of discounts that where applied to the gift card.


Note: When a gift card is purchased an activation link is sent via email to the customer, normally you don't have to activate the card manually, but if you need to the feature is available.
Note: You can customize the activation email and gift card code email that is sent to your customers once they purchase a gift card, to learn more about this process visit the Setup > Email > Edit Emails section of the help documentation.
Note: Your customers can view their gift card balance by visiting Account > Gift Card Balance from the shopping cart.

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