Importing Staff Members

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Configio enables you to create and update Staff Members Accounts via a file import. 

Creating a Template
Login to the Administrative side of your database, and navigate to Settings --> Management --> Import Manager. Click on Staff.

Scroll down to the Template section.   

The AccountID field is a key identifier and it is highlighted in red. It is a system generated number. Please do not modify this value. It is used to help identify whether a Staff Member is new or if it is existing. It is the Shopping Cart Account ID, and it can be found in various places, most notably the Account Details section of the Admin Accounts screen.

New Staff Members get created, and existing Staff Members get updated. For Creating a new Staff Members, leave AccountID empty and input their Email Address.  

Each field has a checkbox. You can uncheck the box to create custom Templates. If a box is unchecked, then the Template will not include that field. Alternately you can just keep a field checked, and as long as it is not a key identifier, then you can leave it blank in the Template, unless it is a required field based on your database's Configurations.

Click the DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE button when you are ready.

Using the Template

We highly recommend using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to edit the template. The header row contains the names of the fields. Do not edit this row.

Each row is for a single Staff Member. Do not input data for one Staff Member on multiple rows. Input data that you want to import into the system into the cells of the spreadsheet.  

Data Integrity

The data that you input into your Template must be formatted so that it will work in Configio. For example, you wouldn't want something like "cat" to be a Staff Member's birthdate, so if you try to import this, the System will ignore the bad data.

Some fields should have data formatted a certain way. An example of this is the Email field. You can input badly formatted email address, like joe@acmecom, and the System will allow it, so please be mindful.

Some fields require data to be inputted so that matches existing data in the system. An example of this is the Country field. The data that you input into the template must match the data that is in Settings --> Setup --> Countries and States. For example, inputting "US" for the Country would work, however inputting "USA" for the Country would result in an error.

Some fields are "Yes/No." Values like yes, no, y, n, 0, and 1 will work.

CategoriesPreference and Regions Preferences support having a comma separated list of values.

Overall, the System has many guardrails for when data is inputted via the User Interface, however it has less so when data is imported. Please be mindful that your data is correct prior to import.

Previewing the Import

After you have downloaded your template, inputted the data, and saved the file, you are ready to begin importing the data. Click the CHOOSE FILE button and select your completed file. Click the PREVIEW IMPORT button. The system will then validate the data.    

Viewing the Data Validation Results - If Errors Occur

If any errors occur, then each one will be listed on an error screen. In the below example, the System found that data in the Country field wasn't formatted correctly. It needs to be formatted like it is in the Country & States section.

If you see an error, then please review your file. Resave the file after fixing it and upload it again. If errors persist, please contact us at 1-800-375-2191 or at and we can assist.

Viewing the Data Validation Results - if no errors found

You will see a list of Staff Member Accounts that will be imported, a count of the number of Accounts that will be created, and a count of the number of Accounts that potentially will be updated. If it looks correct, click the "Import" button.

Viewing the Import Results

A list of all Staff Member Accounts that were imported will be listed, and there will be a count of the number of Accounts that were imported, a count of the number of Accounts that were updated, and a count of the number of Accounts that were created. The Account's Name will be a hyperlink to easily navigate to your new or updated Staff Member Account. 



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