Import Manager Overview

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Configio allows you to import data from external sources into your database. This is especially useful for when initially integrating with Configio. An example of this is importing your contacts into your CRM. It is also useful for reconciling outside activities that impact the system. An example of this is taking walk-up "pen-and-paper" registrations on the day of event, and then importing to add them to your roster. 

You can use the Import Manager to create new records (like to create a new Account) or to update existing records (like to update an existing Account).

Accessing the Import Manager

Login to the Administrative side of your database and navigate to Settings > Management > Import Manager. 


Types of Manual Imports

There are several types of data that you can import into Configio. They are briefly explained below with links to dedicated articles.


You can create Orders for Participant-based Products for new or existing Shopping Cart Accounts.



You can create or update locations


You can create and update allotments used for organizations


You can create and update membership levels for accounts and participants on an account

Automatic Imports

You can setup an FTP for monitored automatic data imports.

Updated: 04/2020

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