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Configio can generate coupons that contain codes. When the codes are inputted during checkout, customers can receive discounts. Codes can also be inputted to the searchbox on the Discounts page of the Admin to locate for trouble-shooting.

Getting Started

Navigate to the Discounts tool in Configio by going to Settings and clicking on Discounts. Then, click the Add New Discount button in the upper right-hand corner.

Example: Kristen runs an after school program, and on the side she sells school supplies. She found a great deal on some maps, and she wants to pass some of the savings along to her customers. Instead of just making a low product price, she wants to create some buzz for her business, so she creates a coupon to market with. She launches Configio, navigates to Discounts via the Settings menu, and then clicks on Add New Discount.

Creating the Coupon

Creating the Basics

The coupon needs a title, an amount, and a quantity. The title can be whatever makes sense to you, the amount can either be a dollar amount or a percentage, and the quantity can be fixed or infinite.

Example: Kristen wants to create a coupon that gives 30% off the product, so she titles it "30% Off Coupon". She inputs "30" into the Amount field and click "Percent". She also decides to make the quantity infinite, because she doesn't care how many times the discount is used.

Creating the Date Range and Messaging

The coupon needs a Start Date and an End Date. This creates a date range in which the coupon will work. Optionally, you can also create messaging that will appear on the Detail page of the products that you will apply the coupon towards. These messages key off the dates.

The top message will appear during the time when the coupon is valid, and the bottom message will appear before the coupon is valid.

Example: Kristen anticipates receiving the maps on in one week on August 14th, so she marks that as her Start Date. She wants the coupons to be valid until August 31st, so she marks that as her End Date. She writes a message to appear on the map's Details page while the coupon is valid, and since she decides to display the maps on her website starting today, she writes a second message to appear for the week until they are in stock. She then hits the Save button.

Defining the Discount as a Coupon

Discounts are defined as coupons via the Requirements tool. To do this, click on the Edit Requirement button , click "Add New Requirement", input a Title, select "Coupon" from the drop down list, and click Save.

Example: Kristen decides to simply call the requirement "map coupon" and then selects the discount type of "Coupon".

Generating the Codes

Click the Edit button 
To add one coupon code at a time, click the Add New Coupon Code button. The first code, called "NEW CODE" appears. You may edit this code and the number of uses inline and click on Update. There are two flavors of codes: simple and complex.

Generating Complex Codes

If you wish to add multiple, system-generated coupons, use the Add Complex Coupon feature. Enter the Quantity, Length, Title, and the number of Uses Per Code. You can also add a Prefix, a Suffix, and indicate whether you want Lower Case, Upper Case, and Numbers to be part of the Codes. Click the Generate Codes button and the system will automatically generate unique codes up to the Quantity Needed.

Generating Simple Codes

If you just want a simple code, click the Add New Coupon Code button. Input the Code (what the customer enters to get the discount), the quantity available (how many times the code can be used), a Title (for searching the Admin), the Export Value (for downloaded reports to integrate with an outside system), and click the Update button.

Assigning the Discount to Products

Now that your Coupon Codes have been created, you need to assign the Discount to the Product(s) that you wish to discount.
You may assign the discount to an individual product, or at the Category or Region levels.

Example: This coupon is for a single product. You navigate to Products, locate it via search, click the Assignments tab, choose Discounts, and drag the "30% Off Coupon" from the Unassigned column to the Assigned column.

Searching for Codes in the Admin

If a customer reports having trouble with a coupon code, you can find the associated Discount by searching for the code in the Admin. This is helpful when beginning troubleshooting when you have multiple discounts that have coupons. Simply navigate to Settings->Discounts, input the code into the searchbox, and click the Search button.

You will see a list of all Discounts that have that code as part of its Coupon Requirement. Click the Report Icon configio.png to see a Consumption Report for that Discount. To dive into the individual code, click on the Edit Requirement Icon configio.png, click the Edit Icon configio.png on the next screen, then click on the Report Icon configio.png.

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