Creating a CMS Page

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You can compose content Pages and publish them on your site. You can define a publication date range, add social networking hooks, add custom Themes, restrict access to only authenticated users, restrict access by Membership Level, and define SEO values.

Creating a New Page

Login to the Administrative side of your database. Open the top-level CMS menu, and select "Pages".
Click the "Add New Page" button.

New Page - Basics

You must input a Title and a Publication Date Range. If you don't want your Page to expire from your site, then you can select "No End Date".

Choose a Layout. The "Both Sidebars" layout will display Shopping Cart Search Controls and the Mini Shopping Cart, The "Cart Sidebar" will just display the Mini Shopping Cart, and the "Full Width" will display neither the Shopping Cart Search Controls nor the Mini Shopping Cart. Choose your Theme. This will change the look and feel of the page. If there are other Pages built, you can select one to be this page's Parent. The System will build a URL Path based on your domain and the Page's Title. If you would like to change the last portion of the URL, use the text box. Click the "Save" button. You can click the "forward icon" next to the URL Path to view your work so far.

New Page - Content

You can input an Excerpt. The Excerpt will be used when displaying the Page in Search Results.  You can also click the "Content Builder" button to begin building your Page's content.

New Page - Access

You can display social media sharing links on your Page. You can also restrict access to your Page to logged in Shopping Account users only. You can additionally restrict to users who have certain Membership Levels.

New Page - SEO

You can add a Meta Description and/or Meta Keywords to your Page. A Meta Description can help Search Engines display the most relevant text in a search. Meta Keywords should relate directly to your content, and they will help Search Engines find your Page.

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